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promo packaging
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gift box

Promo is an exclusive innovation that combines the corkscrew Rialto and Murano a brand new gift box with ten advertising space for your wine and your company.
The solution used, means that anyone who receives this box browsing, through a series of simple movements, all the fins.
Lot of ideal purchase pcs. 1,500

The Patrick send via e-mail the die box in Illustrator and FreeHand format (Macintosh platform).
To be sent to Patrick:
1. Paginated in XPress or InDesign (Macintosh platform);
2. Attached images with a resolution of 300 dpi (with relative abundances);
3. Printing Tests;
4. Order form for the quantity of goods.
The Patrick is not responsible for any errors in the document provided.
Any change that, to be performed in your instructions, will be charged extra.